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Printer, a workday haiku:

Hate upon printers
Constant struggle problem child
Users’ hastened deaths

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Always shocked at the lack of email etiquette these days.

1) In a blind email, one great way to ensure I will not read your message nor take it seriously is to refer to me by my position instead of my name. I get it, mass mailers happen - Just use MailChimp, please.

2) The caps lock button is for parts numbers, not regular conversation. If half of your email is in caps and none of it is angry or all that important, you are indeed doing it wrong.

3) Similarly, your signature’s legal disclaimer should also be succinct. Two paragraphs of vaguely threatening language is really not going to ever stop someone from hitting the Forward button. Also, it is your fault if I received your message in error. Always double check your To field.

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