Updates, updates, updates. [life as a list]

…which reminds me, I really need to install them on my OS X machines. Here’s what’s up otherwise, world:

  • I’m President, Co-Banquet, and Co-Choreographer for my sorority next year. Woo!
  • My sorority’s banquet is on Friday ➜ I’m going to Boston in two days, and fxck it, I’m wearing a full length gown ‘cuz I can. 
  • I got the job - Yay! ➜ I’m moving to San Francisco this weekend. Oh, and we’re moving in together. Yes, “we”. Ponder that pronoun for a bit.
  • By the week’s end I will have gone from Marseille to Paris to London to Paris to NJ to SF to NJ to Boston to SF. And I’m oddly not at all tired like I usually am, so either I’m getting used to it or I’m getting delusional.
  • I need a haircut, badly. I have a lion’s mane that is looking to be donated to Locks of Love (or similar org) - Recommend me some!
  • I really, really miss having my weekly afternoon tea at Mariage Freres. I need to find a place in SF that will do a proper one ASAP. Bonus points if it’s cream tea.
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My day in list form

  • Arrive in Paris.
  • Get to apartment
  • Meet owners, landlords, etc etc.
  • Full tour
  • Begin to unpack
  • Step on something sharp, swear, pull out a splinter from the wooden floor from my tights. Scream when I see there’s a centimeter long piece stuck under/in my flesh. Curse at the hole in my new tights. Find tweezers from still-packed suitcase, spend 30 minutes swearing and trying to dig out enough flesh to get the splinter-meets-shank out. Succeed, attempt to wash wound, bandaid, finish unpacking. Resolve to go to Chinatown ASAP to find slippers.
  • Realize I don’t have enough hangars, nor a pair of scissors, nor food. Decide to head to a local Carrefour, having only ever heard that “it’s a supermarket”
  • Realize when I walk in that it is basically an IKEA filled with a hardware store, a CVS, a costco, a butcher, a baker, a seafood shack, a flower shop, a bank, a key duplicator, a shoe shiner. It has everything you could ever want under one roof… Now if only you could survive trying to find it.
  • Get to check out line, realize that everyone has a cart or reusable bag except me. Pay for items but have nothing to put them in, have an extremely nice lady find me reusable bags on sale in the store so I can buy them and put what I bought in them to take home. Embarrassing to say the least.
  • Now home, super super super tired, but it’s only 6pm and I need to push on til at least 9 or 10…
  • I will post apt pictures soon.
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been ridiculously busy these days.

I never thought I’d kick my Tumblr habit, but I have recently out of sheer busy-ness. So, here’s another life-as-a-list:

  • I feel like I’m at a really good place in my life right now. I had some hard times in September, but I’ve had some fantastic times this past month too. I say it a million times - It’s truly the people that make the difference for me, and their presence in my life makes it killer.
  • My sorority is really engaging me in ways I didn’t think it would. I’m now Social Chair and Co-Choreographer, and though it’s made me busy as hell I’m really enjoying it. On top of that, our national cause this year is one that I stand behind 110% and I’m so excited to get involved. [Must write more about this soon!]
  • For the first time in a long time, work is taking a backseat to school. I’ve done crazy things for work since I was 16 (no vacations ever, flying for international meetings on the week of a final, etc). It’s always been worth it, but it can also be very tiring and it took its toll on my grades. I turned down two really important meetings in October that I would have LOVED to go to [see also: new, important stuff in a great place with great people - and I’d also hit 1K on UA] but I now have time to get a good foot hold on my school work and that’s nice.
  • I’m starting a new job soon for a tech startup! :3
  • Delicious raw oyster seasonnnnn <3 Had some amazing Massachusetts oysters on the half shell over the weekend :D
  • Pumpkin-flavored everything.
  • If I wanna kick back with a beer at night, I can. Yay being legal in the US.

…So basically, I’m a very boring but very busy girl. 

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My Life as a List:

  • Today: Struggle with IKEA furniture. Rejoice afterwards on my new fluffy-as-fxck pillows.
  • Tomorrow: First day of classes - Woo or boo? Hellogoodbye on campus at night.
  • Thursday: Haircut (yay!!!), metric butt-ton of classes, meet my new blues/rock ensemble.
  • Friday: One class - Phew. Fountains of Wayne on campus, but it might be safer just going out for karaoke with the Vietnamese Student Assoc.
  • Saturday: I turn 21. God help me.
  • Sunday: Recover. Reflect.
  • Monday: Ben and I’s 3rd anniversary. Wow. I’ll be sure to send him a Facebook message - It’s been so long since we last talked/saw each other/basically spent a whole week in isolation together. 

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    Keep it simple, stupid.

    A list:

    1. I miss my [old] life.
    2. I miss smiling.
    3. I miss my short hair and my pink hair.
    4. I miss my friends.
    5. I miss my boyfriend.
    6. I miss road-tripping/traveling with my boyfriend.
    7. I miss airplanes.
    8. I miss feeling prepared.
    9. Where did the time/semester go?
    10. Why am I awake?

    For a girl who prides herself on getting sh*t done, boy am I not doing anything to get what I want. Partially imposed, partially my own [un]doing - Oh well, oh well.

    Clean up on the center aisle.

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