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I just picked up the galaxy nexus and it’s AMAZING.


Invented frequency-hopping spread-spectrum technology, a forerunner of WiFi and CDMA, to facilitate top-secret wartime communication during WWII, all while being a Hollywood starlet. (Hedy Kiesler Markey, better known as Hedy Lamarr)

Oh man, that’s SO cool. Gorgeous, smart, and a badass… Everything I could aspire to be.

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Aw :3

"When Panasonic got a Facebook message from a girl in Bahrain who wanted her brother to see snow, they decided to ship the kids a 70-quart snowman. Frosty, wrapped only in the new U-Vacua insulation, traveled 5,314 miles and 40 hours from Japan and arrived in good shape, to the delight of the adorable assembled kids."

[PopSci: Panasonic Ships a Snowman 8,000 kilometers to the Desert, In a Cardboard Box]