Mélomane by nature. A 20-something businesswoman, nerd, and ambigamist in love with friends, wine, food, traveling, birds, words, a boy, and everything in between.
Proud supporter of FC Bayern München.

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Had a shitty day, so here are things that make me happy: Friends, family, fluffy birds, empty beaches, Daniel Boulud/food.

  1. We got a car. It’s a beautiful purple Honda NSX that I fought Ben tooth and nail on, then ended up falling in love with.
  2. Apple has an Auto Club. They invited us on a ride with them (and their extremely nice cars). This is just a small sample of who was there.
  3. I learned how to take rolling shots on the fly. It involves awful techniques such as sticking my Canon 7D out of the window on Highway 17.
Fishermen in Marseille. Vieux-Port, Marseille; FR.

Fishermen in Marseille. Vieux-Port, Marseille; FR.