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The dreamliner/Santiago IS amazing!

Despite my fandom over this plane, I (as a jaded marketer) still believed the passenger testimonials of how the 787 “just feels better” were mostly hype. I’m pleasantly surprised and happy to say I was wrong.

You do feel an immediate difference in air quality. It’s subtle, but if you spend a lot of time in other planes, you notice that it’s different right away. What I think it is is that it’s less dry and less stale. It also had no scent whatsoever. It’s simply natural. This was the biggest deal for me - I actually felt more relaxed getting off of my economy seat on the 787 than my business first seat on the refurbished 767. I forgot I’d been flying for nearly 24 hours.

The inner architecture (at least in LAN’s) is such that it feels really spacious. There’s more height to the aisles and at the same time more overhead space (maybe they shortened the seats?) Plus, the “smart” lighting makes every 787 look like a smarter, sophisticated VX and is lovely. The IFE system that LAN had was also super nice, and every economy seat had its own modern, large touchscreen system with USB charging system. (Congratulations to LAN for having such a wonderful new addition!)

Now I’m in my hotel room, overlooking the mountains surrounding Santiago. The city is bathed in golden sunlight. The weather is a perfect 73° with a light breeze, and the next few days will be spent exploring. It has been a perfect day of flying :)

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