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Midori, sans liqueur.: so batshit it has to be blogged about.

So I just met this kid on facebook. And it turns out, we’re actually long-lost twins, and we’re gonna finally meet each other in college!

Totally kidding. But we are like two RODE mics in a foam case, and we’re going to NEU together. Him first in the fall, me later in the winter/spring.

Ben is…

Ben and I met five years ago today :) If you view the post on a desktop browser you can read his cute Disqus comment.

Foodie fail: On lapses in communication, pt 2.

[-]: 1st course: Lachsforelle, smoked Arctic char with mustard and scallion

[-]: 2nd course: Lauchsuppe, leek soup with creme fraiche and paddlefish caviar

Ben: lol

Ben: don't all fish paddle?

I miss my silly loves.

[the only action my boyfriend is getting is from a bird. lol]