Yo, sometimes the internet sucks.

So one of my posts got posted to White Whine by one of my followers. Here were the comments below:

Yeah yeah, it’s the internet, there are trolls, whatever. But sometimes, jerks just get to me.

I’m not saying that being “forced into economy” is such an insult or crime - Little does everyone know that I actually sit in economy most days out of my own choosing. I find that my small frame doesn’t need a first class seat to be comfortable. But when I haven’t slept in nearly a week, haven’t eaten, and have been working my a** off, yeah, first class is nice. And that’s a luxury I don’t take for granted.

No, the submitter/commenters had no way of knowing that the tsunami and earthquake have literally hit too close to home for me. No way of knowing I was fruitlessly searching for family for days, face glued to the news at night so I could watch Japanese news live. No way of knowing the family that I have alive today can’t get food or water in Tokyo of all cities. No way of knowing that the industry I work in has been floored by all these disasters in Japan, and that I’m working overtime here in the US just to assure people that their timelines are safe.

But damn do I wish that we lived in a world where I didn’t have to spill my guts on a page just to get decency out of some people. I shouldn’t have to make what’s personal public just to get your sympathy and therefore your civility.

You’re awesome most days, but man, internet. You’re a fickle beast.


In other news, apparently I’m an honorary white person. The lulz this gives me…

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