I just wrote up a post, but it got deleted so I’ll have to get back to it after our first practice of the season!! I am so excited :)

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I’m rushing!

I know I’m not the archetypal sorority girl, but I think I’ve found a group of gals that I’d really like to get to call my ‘sisters’.  I’m going to rush for Kappa Phi Lambda this semester (meaning I’m going to be redonk busy for the next two weeks) and I’m super excited to get to know everyone and get to know what the crew is all about…

KPL is an Asian-interest sorority, and the girls I’ve met so far are awesome - I feel like they’re the right combination of Asian-American, savvy, smart, and girly for me; Having a community of people like that surrounding me just seems like the right thing to seek out right now.

I grew up in a predominantly Caucasian neighborhood, went to predominantly Caucasian schools, so sometimes I feel super Americanized and Twinkie-ish… Yet, I’m super in tune with Asian culture, Asian political affairs, and know that I have some deeply, deeply instilled Asian values in me thanks to deep family/country ties that I’ve kept.  Seeing family and friends who can relate with that has always been a kind of relief, but I’ve never been able to really seek it out before with the same depth that’s offered here at NU.  There are so many people here going through the same cultural shift from Asian to Asian-American, and I know I should take advantage of their collective insight and experience.

On top of all that, going to a tiny private school meant having a community, a family, 24/7.  University has been a godsend in that it’s far larger and therefore far less insular than Pingry, but that’s not to say I don’t miss that sense of community and togetherness.  Having sisters would really change that part of my college experience for the better.


Admittedly, I’m also really interested in joining KPL because I feel like I have so little opportunity at making girlfriends.  First of all, there’s the whole class/co-op schedule that keeps us from making too many friends after the initial burst of Freshman meet-and-greets - We make friends when we join our majors and peers and groups for the first three semesters, but then our existing relationships are disrupted thanks to conflicting class/work patterns on co-op.  You have to work hard to foster and create your social connections at NU, otherwise the time and distance from co-oping randomly does its damage.

Second, I think I’ve always been a touch too nerdy/tomboyish to really engage fellow girls easily.  Sure, I like boys, shoes, handbags, parties, clothes… but I like culture, business, science, traveling, tech, classical music, literature, and art much more.  When girls meet in university settings though, it seems like they 1) judge, then 2) make small talk about the superficial bits - the shoes, clothes, and style - first and foremost.  If later on there’s something deeper than a love of drink and dancing, it’s icing on the cake!  …But that’s just not fulfilling to me.  Thoughts, ethics, lifestyles, and passions are most engaging; Cute “girly” commonalities fall second.  Unfortunately this thinking seems to shut out a large part of the female population on campus.

Since I know that my friendships fare far better when there’s a deep-rooted interest in common, groups/interests have always been the go-to: Cheerleading was good, but the team structure not so much, NUrd Radio was (not surprisingly) predominantly male, The Music Industry program is surprisingly largely male; Musicians, male; Computer scientists/programmers/nerds, male… You see where I’m going with this.

Then there was my dance crew, and that’s how I met some of my best girl friends on campus, had the best girls’ night ins and girls’ night outs, got involved with the Asian-American community at Northeastern, and learned of KPL…

It seems like it’s a good lead to follow.  Fingers crossed :)

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Sassafras bark: A recap of early Spring ‘10.

At one point in time, my blog was “a picture book for eyes too tired to read many words, and fingers too tired to write them.” I think that sums up rather well what this post will be. Click, and let’s begin:

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