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Makana just ruined my $70 Wacom tablet pen.

I’m a little bit upset right now :( Work is next to impossible without it.

[Though it’s adorable that she’s now trying really hard to make me feel better by being extra sweet and cuddly.]

List of shit Makana has destroyed:

  • Wired Apple keyboard w/ numpad: $50
  • TouchPad case: $50
  • Wacom tablet pen: $70
  • Productivity: ???

Future bird owners, be prepared for this. Don’t get a feathered friend unless you’re able to love them past possibly hundreds of dollars of future damage to your now your bird’s prized possessions.

  1. notimpossiblejustabitunlikely said: My lovebird Bella has done much more damage to my books but if I’m not careful she will go after cords, especially white ones like iPod cords.
  2. chasingterciel said: My Sophie has destroyed countless headphones of my roommates and I, including my $200 pair of AKGs :(
  3. jumbleofnotes said: :,( how did she manage that?!? are there moving parts on yours or did she just absolutely DESTROY it?
  4. midoriw posted this

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